Life after Training Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro for 3 months

After training Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro and staying at the Connection Rio HQ for 13 weeks I am now back in the UK training full time, so how did it help?

This blog is written by Connection Rio sponsored athlete Sean Coates, now back in the UK after spending 3 months training in Rio de Janeiro. Check out his website and Facebook

After being in Rio for such a long time I was exposed to and shown a huge amount of new techniques. I knew that to make the most of every new technique I learnt that I had better make notes to refer back to. Now I am back home the notes are really coming in useful to remind me of all the details I might have forgotten otherwise and because of them I really felt I have been able to consolidate many of the techniques I saw and incorporate them into my game.

Overall I feel like everything I have learnt has contributed towards me taking a step up in skill level, which was of course aided by the opportunity to get to roll with so many high level guys, which is really what sets Rio apart from anywhere in the world when it comes to BJJ.

Sean (right) in his Senki kimonos

Sean (right) in his Senki kimonos

I have also had quite a lot of success in competition recently, thanks in no small part to the step up in skill that I made in Rio, since being back I have competed twice and got four medals in total. I got double silver in the IBJJF London Open meaning I am now internationally ranked and I also got bronze at weight and gold in the absolute at the Nottingham Open. I found that my cardio has really come on since my time training in Rio as I now seem to have more gas, which came in handy during my recent competition as I had seven fights in each.

I have also had sometime to get to grips with my new Senki Kimonos which are proving to be super durable and well cut meaning they have been my first choice when it has come to competition. The t-shirts and rash-guards I have are also original in design and clearly well made as they still look brand new after hard use and many washes.

Overall I am super pleased with everything I have brought back fro Rio, be it new techniques or more cardio, not to mention some very nice gis!

Sean Coates & Torryn Heffel

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