Life Training BJJ in Rio: Looking for a New Experience

This blog is written by Connection Rio sponsored athlete Lee Wright, who is training BJJ in Brazil as part of our sponsorship program. Connection Rio also provides free training and accommodation for select athletes from around the world.

We get all types of guests at Connection Rio, some are here to live and breathe BJJ while others like to do a few sessions and spend a lot of time on the tourist type things. Whatever you want to do, you will be welcome at Connection Rio.

Some of the things you must do include visiting the Christ Statue, Sugar Loaf Mountain, and the Lapa Steps. Whenever you plan to see the Christ Statue or Sugar Loaf it is definitely worth going early to avoid the long queues. It’s esay to get there by bus or taxi, and if you manage to get a number of people to together from Connection Rio one of the house managers will be able to organise a mini bus to take a group of you.

I plan on visiting Ilha Grande for 2 or 3 nights before I go back to the UK, an island located a few hours out of Rio which I have heard nothing but amazing things about, there is also a guy who trains at Gordo JJ who owns some hostels on the island and charges a very reasonable price so it is a very easy trip to arrange. It will be nice to have a break from the training and do something a little different.

The CR crew at Copa Podio - pic by

The CR crew at Copa Podio – pic by

Last weekend I went to watch the Copa Podia competition live. I don’t normally enjoy watching BJJ tournaments (just competing in them) but this was brilliant, all the fights were entertaining and the atmosphere was like something at a soccer match. I thought the best fight was Felipe Pena and Leandro Lo, some amazing spider guard work from Felipe Pena and he was unlucky to lose the fight in the last few seconds.

Training in Rio de Janeiro at Gordo BJJ

Lee on the mats at Gordo BJJ

My training at Gordo’s is going well, I have had days this week training in the morning where I’ve only rolled with black belts. It’s a great experience, although be prepared to get tapped a lot! I am mixing up training in the Brazilian classes by taking 2 classes with Dennis per week, and I try to get in as much time drilling technique as possible with a few of the guys from the house. I find that this really helps, and definitely makes my technique a lot better.

Before I leave at the end of February I plan to visit a few different gyms as part of the Connection Rio academy visits for some new experiences of training BJJ in Rio.

Connection Rio is the best combination of accommodation and BJJ training in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today and plan your trip to train BJJ in Rio.

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  1. Nice blog. Be good to hear more and see some pictures of the other gyms you visit and training shots. Loving Connection Rio - what a great business.
  2. admin
    Thanks Adam, you can check out all of the academy visits on our YouTube channel, plus we post pics on our Facebook page

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