Kyra Gracie 2012 Documentary: Soon to be released

Kyra Gracie documentary soon to be launched from the combined effort of Journalist/film maker Hywel Teague and talented film maker Stuart Cooper (Stuart Cooper Films). After the release of BJJ Hacks’ first short film on Kyra Gracie (KYRA GRACIE UNCOVERED) viewers have been waiting for an encore. In having teamed up with one of the best up and coming film makers around, Stuart Cooper, their final cut has very high expectations.

I have had the pleasure of viewing a fair amount of footage shot for the documentary and truly enjoyed it! This work is an excellent way for those who are unfamiliar with Kyra or her contributions through her social outreach project Instituto Kapacidade to learn.

Kyra Gracie competition field trip with Instituto Kapacidade

Although the release date for this much anticipated film has yet to be announced (expected End/March) it is just around the corner.


Very much looking forward to the release of another success by BJJ Hacks and Stuart Cooper Filmes.


Dennis A. Asche

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