Jock Itch – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: local cure

Jock itch is no more comfortable in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil than any where else in the World. The difference is that here, in this hot and humid climate it is much more common of a nuisance. There is no better cure than prevention, done simply by staying clean and showered throughout your day, especially immediately after training. However if you do find yourself with an itch, there is a pharmacy right around the corner with an easy solution.

Hipoglos, a cream used for diaper rash on infants is inexpensive and does not expose your skin to harsh chemicals. The infant or children’s section of your neighbourhood pharmacy and even grocery store most likely will have this product in stock. As it can be an embarrassing or uncomfortable situation asking at the pharmacy if you do not know what you are looking for or how to say it, the word Hipoglos is pronounced (E-po-glos) in Rio de Janeiro. Hopefully you do not find yourself in need of the product but if you do, there is a solution!

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