Jiu-jitsu vs. Cancer

Australian Jiu-jitsu black belt Matt Cooper of Advance Martial Arts is fighting against cancer in a selfless fund raiser to help those with the disease. There is a yearly event in Australia for the Leukaemia foundation called the Worlds Greatest Shave and Matt came up with a very creative haircut, going for the Tropical Thunder look.

 “I entered my gym to participate… basically people shave their heads, or dye their hair to get sponsored to raise money…. because I always just normally have my head shaved, people wanted me to do something stupid… so I’m going to try to have it done like Tome Cruise from Tropic Thunder….”, said Cooper.

Matt Cooper with the "Tropical Thunder" cut


Judging by the picture he looks pretty close to how Tom Cruise did in Tropical Thunder. Having left from Rio de Janeiro today he will be making his way back to Australia with two stops in the US. Good luck Matt!

Tom Cruise, Tropical Thunder










Hats off to Matt Cooper for a valiant effort in a great cause!

To all who would like to help with a great cause in fighting against cancer follow the link and see what you can do: CLICK HERE


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