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Take a look at the lifestyle here at Connection Rio: training, beach, ace, climbing mountains… This is the REAL Jiu-Jitsu Rio de Janeiro experience.

This post was written by Connection Rio team member Torryn Heffelfinger. He blogs weekly on life and training BJJ, wrestling and MMA in Rio de Janeiro. This is an excerpt from his weekly blog “Training the Dream”. Click the link to read the full post.

The sun is beginning to set here in Rio and members of the house are beginning to trickle in. Some from the beach, some from climbing Pedra de Gavea, and some from grabbing an big acai from the bakery down the round. Each group is filling the others in on the adventures and scenery they have taken in today. The house is quite full and we currently have guests here from eight different countries around the world.

Living with such a diverse group has made it possible to learn different styles of BJJ and different social perspectives as well. Here at the house we share and intermingle our food, sayings, and customs, coming away with a better sense of the world. With the “broadening of your horizons” and the excellent training so readily available around every corner, CR is the perfect place to come and experience the BJJ lifestyle.

Connection Rio: Connecting You to Jiu-Jitsu Rio de Janeiro

As always my training this past week was great and normally at this point I would go back through some of my training and recount a couple of stories. This week though I want to focus on a bit different topic— the BJJ lifestyle, as I see it, here at Connection Rio.

To me in a nut shell the BJJ lifestyle is about passion, growth, and a desire to make the best possible version of yourself. In the last 10 months here in Rio I have seen people from all walks of life come through CR. Some are business professionals looking for a BJJ vacation, some are seasoned competitors looking to sharpen themselves, some are here trying jiujitsu for the first time-starting anew. But all are here to do something that they love and have fun doing.

Torryn with his new gi sponsor Senki Kimonos

Torryn with his new gi sponsor Senki Kimonos

In the house at any point during the day there is somebody on the mats drilling or talking technique before the next training. It builds up a strong community within the house, that fosters an almost selfless attitude to spur improvement. If you have a problem with something on the mat in a class all you have to do is ask about it when you get back to the house and before you know it a group will be on the mat covering the positions and trying to fix what went wrong.

The passion for BJJ and the bond formed on the mat carries over to time spent not training as well. A community and network of friends gets created, and when people return home these friendships will span the globe. You going on a trip somewhere in Europe? Pop in at an academy where one of your friends you met in Rio trains and I can almost guarantee you will be accepted in as family. I have seen it over and over, people with little other than BJJ in common becoming the best of friends because of the shared passion for the art.

The BJJ lifestyle is also one of self discovery. Many people come to CR not sure what direction they want to head in life, but through living more in the moment and relaxing they see a path begin to get laid out in front of them. I consider myself as one of these people. I fell in love with the BJJ lifestyle and learned from my first trip to Rio what path I wanted to take. I don’t mean to say that you have to make BJJ your life to live the lifestyle. I have met a lot of Brazilian Jiujitsu enthusiasts, who may only train 2-3 days a week back home, learn to not worry as much about the “what ifs” in the future, and enjoy the “now” of their day to day life because of the relaxed and fun nature of BJJ here in Rio.


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