BJJ in Chicago’s Jiu-jitsu Gi drive

Connection Rio is proud to help sponsor BJJ in Chicago’s kimono drive for those in need.

In January of 2012, BJJ in Chicago asked people to donate gis they did not need and over 50 gis where collected, a great response from the BJJ community.  Currently, they have well over 100 gis and will have more before they are done collecting. After a tremendous amount of research the calculated cost is a great deal of money for these gis to get to their destination.  BJJ in Chicago need help in transporting the kimonos here to Brazil and have set up a fund raiser to make sure these donations reach their destination in Brazil.

There is a list of perks that are available for different donation amounts on BJJ in Chicago’s site, including limited edition items only for Gi Drive donors, and other perks donated by some amazing individuals and companies.

They have also put together a few premium perks for people who feel as passionate about this project as BJJ in Chicago do.  Donating money is a gratifying feeling in itself, but they are taking this a step further to thank contributors for the time and effort it takes to do so.

See what Brendan Hufford (BJJinChicago) has put together on the BJJ in Chicago site

Best of Luck Brendan, we look forward to having you here at Connection Rio!

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