Jiu jitsu in Rio de Janeiro

Jiu-jitsu in Rio de Janeiro

The city of Rio our Worlds platform that launched this magnificent art to the farthest reaches of this planet. Rio is where Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was cultivated and developed into what so many of us now consider our lifestyle or way of life. Now there are academies and professors of the Arte Suave all over the World passing along techniques, values and way of life that has been brought into our lives by the Gracie family.

With the number of academies and black belts around the globe there is no longer a necessity to travel far in order to train. With that said, any practitioner or person who has made Jiu-jitsu lifestyle a part of them self should discover where it is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu was developed. There is no substitute for training on  the mats of Rio de Janeiro alongside legends of the sport and future champions. Meeting people from around the World who have made this journey with the same bonding intention of training where this art was developed.

Training in Rio helps to better understand how Jiu-jitsu was developed, along with the reason of why many habits and customs are in place on mats around the World. There is no substitute for making the time to experience Jiu-jitsu in the motherland of Rio de Janeiro and it is recommended to all who train in the Arte Suave.



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