Jiu-jitsu Hostel Guest Profile #1

The Jiu-jitsu Hostel, Connection Rio would like those who are abroad to have a better grasp on who stays with us here in the cradle of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. We are now releasing a series of guest profiles written by those who are currently at Connection Rio or have spent time with us in Rio de Janeiro. Our first profile focuses on Matthew Howard, a dedicated jiujiteiro with a great sense of humor who is now with us for his second extended stay.

Name: Matthew Howard
Age: 27
Origin: Staffordshire, England
Rank: Blue
Home Academy: Legacy BJJ
Time Training BJJ: 3 Years
Profession: Architect

I Started training after watching MMA videos online. Then watching the UFC and hearing Joe Rogan detailing the intricacies of Jiu Jitsu got me hooked. Then getting repeatedly tapped, in ways i didnt know were possible in my first class, solidified my obsession. When i first started training, i got consumed by grappling, and became aware of Connection Rio via social media and Youtube. So last year I decided to act upon it and come to live and train at the cradle of BJJ. Currently back at CR again, making the most of the great facilities available to all. – Matthew Howard

Connection Rio, we are where you want to be! Join us here in Rio de Janeiro. Contact CR BJJ Hostel today and book your stay.

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