Jiu-jitsu Championships in Rio de Janeiro

Jiu-jitsu Championships in Rio de Janeiro.
The subject of Jiu-jitsu championships taking place here in Rio is always a hot topic for travellers from abroad. If you are visiting Rio de Janeiro with the intention of training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in the motherland of the Arte Suave, why not get in some competing to round out the trip?
A well organised Rio de Janeiro based event is the Circuito Open Mineirinho. This Jiu-jitsu championship circuit is a qualifier for the Rio de Janeiro state ranking under the FJJD-Rio (one of several Brazilian Federations and Confederations). Below is a list of dates and locations for the 2012 Circuito Open Minirinho. If you are in the city of Rio de Janeiro during any of these championship dates, go compete!
Circuito Open Mineirinho 2012 Calendar

   1ª Etapa do Ranking Rio 2012 – 3ª Copa Grande Mestre João Alberto Barreto
  March 24th and 25th – Clube Municipal – Tijuca, RJ
2ª Etapa do Ranking Rio 2012 – Estadual Rio 2012
    June 23rd and 24th – Clube Municipal – Tijuca, RJ
3ª Etapa do Ranking Rio 2012 – Taça Rio 2012
    August 18th and 19th – Clube Municipal – Tijuca, RJ
4ª Etapa do Ranking Rio 2012 – Troféu Rio 2012
    October 6th and 7th  – Clube Municipal – Tijuca, RJ
5ª Etapa do Ranking Rio 2012 – Carioquinha Rio 2012 e Qualifier Rio 2012
   November 10th – Maracanãzinho – RJ
Copa UPP Rio de Artes Marciais 2012
November 11th – Maracanãzinho – RJ

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