Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro 24-7

Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro is more than a past-time or a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, and you can enjoy it 24-7 with Connection Rio.

How do guys from Brazil get so good at BJJ? the truth is they train a lot – A LOT. When you go home and relax or play video games, they’re training. When you hit the beach and chill out, they’re training.

Not everybody has got the desire to be a matrat 24-7, but for those who want to put in extra hours (every rep counts) Connection Rio has mats in the HQ house perfect for drilling, experimenting with new moves and developing your game.

Connection Rio takes you away from your normal life and drops you right in the middle of the BJJ lifestyle. Without distractions or duties, you’ll be able to indulge in your passion of jiu-jitsu as much as you like. From training outdoors in the Rio sun to rolling with world class black belts and learning from true masters of the art, Connection Rio takes you closer than ever to the true jiu-jitsu lifestyle.

Connection Rio sponsored athlete on the mat at Gordo BJJ – pic by BJJPix.com

Connection Rio sponsored athlete on the mat at Gordo BJJ – pic by BJJPix.com

From training and accommodation to academy visits and special tours, and even small group classes with the best teachers Rio has to offer, Connection Rio offers everything you need for the perfect jiu-jitsu holiday!

Take a look at our brochure – we’ve got houses with pools, huge gardens, and apartments next to the beach: all within 30 seconds walk of top BJJ gyms in Rio!

Connection Rio is the best combination of accommodation and BJJ training in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today and plan your trip to train BJJ in Rio!

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