IBJJF Rio Open & Masters Jiu-jitsu Championship 2012

IBJJF Rio Open & Masters Jiu-jitsu championship of 2012 is one of the best times of year in Rio de Janeiro for training and competition. From around the World, many of Jiu-jitsu’s best athletes ascend on Rio to give there all in the yearly competition taking place in Tijuca. For any and all BJJ practitioners in Rio this is great news as it brings the level of training to it’s peak in academies across the city.

CR BJJ hostels are buzzing with athletes ready to compete as the Rio Open begins tomorrow in the AM. Athletes who at one point in time would have traveled to Rio and all been distant to each other never truly making the connections that will last a lifetime across the continents. Not today … Staying at Connection Rio hostels opens doors for practitioners to create bonds that last a lifetime. No better way to break down walls than training and competing together in the cradle of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, with like practitioners from around the globe.

Jiu-jitsu is a lifestyle and Arte Suave brings people from around the world together through common goals.

The connections that are made through CR hostels are one of the best reasons to stay and something that Connection Rio is very proud of. Sharing an experience of Jiu-jitsu lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro is unforgettable, a goal that should be in place for all who intend to take the path of a Jiu-jitsu lifestyle.

Contact CR for a detailed price list with room descriptions at our hostels.

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