How to register for the Helio Gracie FJJ-Rio BJJ competition in Rio

What better way to put all that hard jiu-jitsu training to good use than to enter a competition while you’re here in Rio de Janeiro?

The FJJ-Rio, the oldest Brazilian jiu-jitsu federation in the world, will host the Helio Gracie 2013 tournament and the deadline for registrations is upon us.

Connection Rio 'HQ' house in Barrinha

Connection Rio ‘HQ’ house in Barrinha

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Training with people from around the world inside the Connection Rio house

Training with people from around the world inside the Connection Rio house

To register with the federation you will need a membership card, and your application must be signed off a registered coach. Speak to your teacher here in Brazil and he will help. Head to the Federation office in Centro (downtown Rio de Janeiro) by tomorrow at the latest to get your membership, and make a point of noting the dates below.

This translated text is taken from the FJJ-Rio website:

To participate in events and competitions held by the Federation of Jiu-Jitsu in the State of Rio de Janeiro, teachers and athletes need to register the membership. The athlete may only participate in an competition with an FJJ-Rio membership card.

How to join as an athlete:

Is enrolled in a registered academy.

• Correctly complete the athlete form (to be signed by the athlete and the teacher in charge, who must be registered with the federation).
• Black belt athletes must be signed by a FJJ-Rio recognised professor with at least two degrees
• Attach a photocopy of your ID, SSN, and two photos.

Competition information:

Data do evento: 18-19 May 2013
Membership cards: 3 May 2013
Competition Registrations: 10 May 2013
Details checks: 15 May 2013
Schedule and brackets: 17 May 2013
Fee: R$60
Location: Iate Clube Jardim Guanabara, Ilha do Governador

To summarise registering with the federation:
• Make sure you have copies of your ID and passport photos
• Get the coach at your gym to sign off your paperwork
• Have the R$60 fee ready
• Take everything to the FJJ-Rio office in downtown

FJJ-Rio office address and contact information:
Avenida Treze de Maio, 33B / 1014
Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 2263-8370

Useful links:
FJJ-Rio website (Portuguese)
FJJ-Rio Facebook page
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