Hostels in Rio are Ripping You Off and Making You Dirty! A Solution…

If you’ve ever stayed in a backpackers’ hostel you’ll know that those dudes who travel around the world are FILTHY. I always thought it was a lifestyle choice, but I recently found out just WHY they’re so dirty.

That’s because the hostels they are staying in charge them money to take a shower. When I found out, I was like ‘Whaaaaattt?’

Yep. There are hostels in Rio that charge R$15 to stand under a crappy little electric shower that dribbles out lukewarm water.

No wonder the people who stay in these places are so smelly and dirty. And with so many people passing through who knows what kinds of germs and bugs they’re leaving in the beds for the next person to sleep in.

Humans need space. Our garden gives you plenty!

Humans need space. Our garden gives you plenty!

Humans Are Not Sardines

Not only do they squeeze money out of you by forcing you to pay to take a shower (stretching already limited budgets) but they will also cram you into an overstuffed dorm room…

Some of the dorms in these hostels in Rio have up to 18 people sleeping in them… I visited one not too long ago and it was a tiny room with NO windows and only one TINY little electric fan… and it was being shared by NINE people.

The smell was incredible.

Connection Rio treats you with dignity and won’t rip you off

The maximum number of people who will share a dorm room at Connection Rio is SIX. All of our dorms have windows, fans, and some even have their own dedicated bathrooms.

And we will NEVER charge you to take a shower!

We also help you avoid other hidden costs, such as high laundry fees and internet access.

Our coin-operated commercial washers are cheaper than any laundromat in Rio, and we have free high-speed wifi throughout the house.

Drilling in the Connection Rio house

Drilling in the Connection Rio house

We Are The Ultimate Jiu-Jitsu Hostel

If you want to stay in Rio de Janeiro to train BJJ, then don’t go to a backpackers hostel full of guitar-playing hippies and soap-dodgers. Instead, join a group of dedicated and committed people who are passionate about jiu-jitsu – just like you.

Staying at Connection Rio is the best way to experience BJJ in Rio. You’re seconds away from the nearest gym, we have mats in the house for drilling and rolling, we host events such as UFC parties and BBQs, and we can help you train at ANY jiu-jitsu gym in Rio.

It’s easy – Just Email Us for Info

Hit the blue button below for more info, we’ll send you details about our various accommodation packages and how you can save money by booking a stay at the Connection Rio house.

See you soon!

From training and accommodation to academy visits and special tours, and even small group classes with the best teachers Rio has to offer, Connection Rio offers everything you need for the perfect jiu-jitsu holiday!


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