Hazards on the Streets of Rio de Janeiro

Hazards on the Streets of Rio de Janeiro

Hazards on the streets of Rio de Janeiro are in abundance and something anyone navigating the city should be aware of. There are many beautiful sights, with interesting places to see and go all over Rio de Janeiro. In fact the more a person gets out and explores this city and it’s culture, the more likely that person is to really enjoy time here. Just be aware of your surroundings. Weather making the way through Rio’s streets by car, bike or foot it is to your advantage in having an idea of what to expect.

A principal concern are un-maintained manholes that are often with broken or missing covers. A manhole may seem as something easy to avoid, imagine at night or in a downpour that covers the area leaving these invisible. News highlights often feature motorcycles endowing in one of these water covered manholes with missing covers during heavy rains. Along with these covers are sunken storm drains, pot holes, uneven side walks and roads.


Prime example


Sunken Storm Drain

On a bicycle, there are designated paths throughout a good portion of Zona Sul, parts of Barra and Recreio. However these paths are in specific areas and still do not cover the city of Rio de Janeiro in it’s entirety. Keep in mind where the bike paths have yet to be built, the existing areas of passage are minimal for bike riders. Expect to encounter: loose rocks, gravel, sand and uneven pavement while navigating the city via bicycle or motor vehicle.

Being aware of your surroundings and knowing what to expect will keep you ahead of the game, while enjoying what Rio de Janeiro has to offer.

Enjoy Rio!

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