Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro

Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro is a breath taking experience and the principal platform for take off is only a short drive from Connection Rio’s Barra hostels. Looking for a different view of Rio de Janeiro and a new experience here in the city, hang gliding is where it’s at.

Connection Rio is Rio de Janeiro’s best combination of accommodation and training. CR hostels accommodate all extreme sports enthousiasts with steady, non-seasonal fair market prices. Contact us today and begin planning your trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Weather it be your first time hang gliding or you are an experienced glider, this is one of the most recommended ways of seeing a spectacular view of Rio de Janeiro. In choosing a tandem instructor and selecting the right company Connection Rio recommends experienced instructors with well maintained quality equipment for your safety. Our top pick is Marcus “Quem” Sampaio of Quem Fly Hang Gliding in Rio de Janeiro is the man to fly with. Marcus or “Quem” has years of experience to draw from and top quality equipment to glide you safely onto Sao Conrado beach. Quem fly is the first choice for many international visitors, as well as native Brazilians when it comes to Hang gliding.

Sao Conrado Beach at Sunset (by Dennis Asche from Connection Rio instagram)

Quem Fly gliding over Sao Conrado with “James”

For more information on Quem Fly go to www.quemfly.com


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