Grand Master Renato Paquet

Connection Rio exclusive: The BJJ Hacks “Red Belts documentary” is currently in production and CR founder Dennis Asche is a producer for the movie. CR is proud to present an exclusive look at this clip from the recent interview with Grand Master Renato Paquet.

Grand Master Renato Paquet bio

Grand Master Renato Paquet Netto started his BJJ journey in 1956. The Rio de Janeiro native has trained at a number of academies during his long career, beginning at a long-gone small space on the border of Ipanema and Arpoador.

He spent many years training at the Akxe gym in Barra da Tijuca when he lived in the neighbourhood, and for the last years has spent much time on the mat of the famous Checkmat BJJ gym in Copacabana, acting as a mentor of sorts to the many young competitors that come through the academy.

A black belt in judo as well as jiu-jitsu, Grand Master Renato Paquet trained in boxing and vale tudo during the 50s and 60s, and trained with a number of instructors during this time. He believes that all of the jiu-jitsu in Brazil comes directly or indirectly from the Gracie, and his teachers were former students of Helio and Carlson.

Now retired, Renato Paquet lives in Leblon in Rio de Janeiro is a ninth degree red belt grand master of Brazilian jiu-jitsu as recognised by the Federação de Jiu-Jitsu do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

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