Frank “The Tank”: Reporting from Rio

Frank “The Tank” Conco Junior has been our guest and friend for three consecutive trips to Rio de Janeiro. During his time in Rio de Janeiro Frank has made the most of each trip with new experiences and great times. See what he has to say about Connection Rio and the city of Rio de Janeiro.

This last trip was my 3rd trip to Brazil and 3rd time staying at Connection Rio. My experiences have gotten better with each trip. My first trip I came with my friend Romeo (black belt under Gustavo Machado in Virginia Beach) Although we did not compete in any tournaments, we trained in a couple of amazing gyms and had the pleasure of meeting a coral belt by the name of Sylvio Behring. Here is the video

My second trip was with my instructor Alexandre Soca and a few of my teammates from SOCA BJJ Academy… It was a great experience to see the love Rio De Janiero had for our professor. If you’re ever in NY please look us up at

My final trip was with a good friend and training partner Wrestler Mike. Him and I competed in the Rio International open and that was an amazing experience to place second in my weight class and 2nd in open weight division in another country. We also took some time away from Jiu Jitsu training and climbed Pedra Da Gavea and I made a documentary climbing that mountain that you can see here:


Every trip to Brazil that I have taken I have met some of the greatest people from all around the globe. Nial from Ireland to Nathan from Australia and these great Jiu Jitsu fighters as well as great people will be in my life forever. My local Brazilian friends always help me out with bus schedules and where the great food spots are and I thank you for that. Thanks to Edson Diniz as well for helping Mike and I with some NoGi techniques. Friends made in such short trips can sometimes impact you more than knowing someone for 10 years.


Dennis Asche’s connection Rio hostel made this all possible for me and the positive energy and vibes of Barra kept me coming back. Roberto “GORDO” Correa de Limas’ academy was great and so are all the people who train there. Please check out my website, Follow me at Instagram: FRANKTHETANKFITNESS and “LIKE” my facebook page. and

Oss Brothers and Sisters…. Thank You Dennis.

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