Food in Rio: Eating while at CR Barrinha

Eating while at CR Barrinha

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m a picky eater, so when coming to Brazil was one of my biggest worries was food. Lucky for me Brazil not only has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted, but it can also being incredibly cheap. Whether you come here and decide to cook for yourself or go out and enjoy the local cuisine every day, you’ll enjoy it all.

This post was written by Connection Rio sponsored athlete David Garcia, a blue belt from Texas, USA. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For those that like to cook getting groceries is easy as could be, the local supermarket is only a short 10 minute walk from the Connection Rio Barrinha house. The supermarket has everything you could need to cook a great meal from fresh produce to fresh fish that looks as though it was just fished out of the sea. Shopping at the supermarket is also an easy way for you to familiarise putting names with objects together. Just find the food or item that you want and read the label, it’s as simple as that. Thanks to following this simple method I’m now able to understand the menus at various restaurants and better understand the language in general.

This leads me into my next segment, eating out and enjoying the all the amazing food that Brazil has to offer. Personally, I love going out to eat and tasting new things. Luckily the house is within walking distance of numerous different restaurants, bars,  and bakeries. Just around the corner from the house is an all you can eat buffet and right next door to the supermarket is another all you can eat buffet and multiple different places to eat. A house favorite is Camacha a bar and restaurant that serves incredibly big plates of food and great fresh fruit juices at great prices. I’m partial to the bakery across the street though with great sandwiches and acai for cheap it’s hard to beat.

No matter what you decide to do be sure to make some time to go to an authentic brazilian steakhouse, get a bowl of acai, and try some Guarana I promise you’ll love it.

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