Extending Your Tourist Visa in Brazil

Long-term tourists in Brazil will need to extend their visa if they wish to stay longer than 90 days. This process is not difficult, but can be tricky without a guide to take you through the various steps of the process.

Most international visitors get a 90-day visa upon entering Brazil. If you stay longer than this but do not extend the visa, you will be charge R$8/day for every day you overstay, up to a maximum of R$800. This fine can be paid upon leaving the country, but you also have the option to pay when you re-enter the country at a later time.

Bear in mind when you renew your visa, you get 90 days from the date of renewal. So if you renew it 3 weeks prior to expiry, you will get 180 days minus 3 weeks. Don’t leave it too late either! Make sure you renew it at least a few days prior to expiry in case there are any problems.

We do not recommend overstaying a visa to any of our guests, and due to a number of requests for information we’re pleased to provide you with this excellent detailed guide to extending your tourist visa in Brazil, courtesy of our guest Michael Haller. Take it away, Mike.


Extending Your Tourist Visa in Brazil
Bring your passport, entry card (CARTÃO DE ENTRADA/SAÍDA), return plane ticket/proof, credit card (they might ask for proof of financial stability).

If you are in Rio, you have to go all the way to the international airport (GIG) for foreigners services at the Policia Federal.

From the Passarela da Barra take the blue bus that says Aeroporto Internacional on it and costs R$12. It is nice and airconditioned. The trip to the airport can take up to 2 hours.

The Policia Federal office is on the third floor (with all the shops) of terminal 1. Facing the food shops with your back to the windows, walk down the hallway on the right. The foreigners section is on the right, whilst new passports for Brazilians is on the left. Go to the counter and get a number ticket and the visa extension form, its a yellow form (PEDIDO DE PRORROGACAO DE PRAZO DE ESTADA). The forms asked only for parents names, contact information, date of birth, nationality etc. Wait to sign it until asked. Fill the form in while you wait for your number to be displayed, it will be on the display labeled “2”. On this form the data “Cartão de entrada/saida (sequential)” is the number on the “Arrival/Departure Card”.

When your number is up just walk straight up the ramp thats left of the counter, on the right is a desk labelled number 2. Show them your documents and they will print out a visa extension tax bill for R$67. You need to go to a bank or lottery shop and pay this and then bring it back. The banks are on the third floor, instead of making a right to go to the Policia Federal, make a left and you will see many banks. Go to any of them that have a counter/teller.

Bring back the visa tax paid receipt to the Policia Federal officer who will ask you to sign, in front of him, at the bottom of the 1st form that you filled in.

The officer will then stamp the visa extension in your passport!

To get back to Barra, go to the 1st floor and find the line of blue buses.

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  1. SR
    Here is my quick success story extending my visa. I am an American on year 3 of a 5 year visa. The visa covers 90 days per visit and up to 180 days per year. On day 77 of my first visit this year, I decided to extend. I went to the 'Policia Federal' at the International Airport in RIO (I was told this was the only place possible). I arrived at 10:30 and took a number. I waited 1 hour for 3 people in front of me in line then was called up. WHAT YOU MUST BRING * 1. Your passport WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING * 2. Your entrance 'card' (the paper you get when you arrive but probably threw out) WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING BUT CAN GET WHEN YOU ARRIVE * 3. A payment form, take to any "Banco Do Brasil" (including at the airport) and pay it, and bring it and the receipt of payment with you. It was 67R$ as of March 2012. I had 1 and 3 but lost 2. I was questioned, but it appeared to be no big deal. I speak enough Portuguese to talk only in Portuguese with the man. I don't know if he also speaks English. He asked only 'why do you want to stay?' I said I'm a tourist and enjoy it here and want to stay 90 more days. He looked at 1 and 3 and then stamped 1 and included a written day for the date of my 180th day. I can stay until that date. Hope that helps!
  2. Paul
    I need help I left brazil on new years day and returned in February for 22 days. When I arrived in April I was told I had 39 days left on first 90 days. After reviewing my passport I noticed I do not have a stamp showing I left brazil on new years day. My questionf is can I dispute this. I have entry stamp into Lisbon, Portugal on Jan. 2 and another entering Luanda, Angola on Jan. 3. Also should I bring my flight details for added proof of travels? Any suggested places to file extension in Belo Horizonte if needed.
  3. admin
    Entering in contact with the Federal Police and explaining in detail your situation, with the stamped documentation of your dates outside of Brazil in hand is your best bet. Check the <a href="http://www.dpf.gov.br/" rel="nofollow">OFFICIAL FEDERAL POLICE SITE</a> for locations and contact information. Best of luck!
  4. Marisa Shea
    Hi Mike, Thank you for this information. The is probably the clearest, most detailed description of how exactly one goes about extending a stay 90 days in Brazil (Rio...). My only question(s) are about the "Return plane ticket/proof" requirement. 1. Does the date of the return ticket have to be within 90 days of your arrival in Brazil to get the extension? To indicate to the authorities that "I was planning on staying 90 days, but now I am extending (and thus will have to change my ticket)"? OR, can I present them with a return ticket dated within 180 days of my arrival in Brazil, essentially indicating that "I'm assuming you're going to extend my stay, so I bought my plane ticket accordingly."? Do anybody know the answer to this for sure? I'm thinking about maybe just calling them. Or calling the consulate. 2. Are those e-mail receipts (you know the ones that they always send you right after you buy a ticket) enough "proof"? (I'm assuming yes, but just checking.)
  5. Jake
    Hey I am getting ready to renew my tourist visa this week, but I don't want to buy a plane ticket back yet. What can I do to get either 1) something that serves as a ticket and can be cancelled or 2) get around this, is it a requirement? Thanks
  6. Saskia
    PLEASE HELP!! :) Hi, I have been here sine th 28th dec - so 2 months and 1 week. I want to extend my visa for as long as possible. Do i go to a border (Iguacu for example) and renew it there? Will i get 90 more days? OR more? Is it possible to just go to an airport (rio maybe) and renew there? Thanks
  7. admin
    Always best to go to a federal police office such as in Galeo airport to renew
  8. I got a 15 days multiple entry to Brazil. My return ticket was scheduled for 7 days but I love here so I decided to go to the Policia Federal for an extension; it was granted but now I have to return to the States for work. My question is whether or not I will be permitted to re-enter Brazil with my visa extension while it's still valid? Can someone please advice, my appreciations in advance.
  9. Connection Rio
    Malik, There should be no problem with you re-entering Brazil if your visa extention is valid. Safe travels!

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