Enjoying Sporting Events at Connection Rio and Exploring Rio

It’s been a busy week here at Connection Rio, full of fun, good laughs, and great training. Last weekend we had a huge house BBQ full of steaks, burgers, sausages and different salads. Everyone chipped in about R$15 and we ate like kings for hours.

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Watching Metamoris at the Connection Rio house

Watching Metamoris at the Connection Rio house

When the BBQ finally died down we settled around the TV to watch UFC Shogun vs Henderson 2. Watching exciting fights with a group is always a ton of fun because everyone always gets into it and there is a ton of crap talking.

This was especially the case this past weekend for Metamoris 3. Everyone chipped in and ordered the live stream of Metamoris, one of our guests has a portable projector which we used to project the event on the back wall of the living room. We rearranged the couches, chairs, and made space on the mats. Guys chipped in for snacks, chips, cookies, pizza, bacon wrapped hotdogs— you know all the stuff that would fit right in with the Gracie Diet.

Kevin, a guest from 10th planet JJ, created a very in-depth betting system and just about everyone threw in their picks, for winners, submission types, and even what position the submission was hit from. In the end the pool was R$55 and Irish John had a come from behind win to get the pot of cash. The event itself was entertaining but what made it was the in house commentary from people hoping to win the cash.

Exploring what Rio has to offer – the amazing Parque Lage

Exploring what Rio has to offer – the amazing Parque Lage

Exploring Rio

Nicole and I also had a chance to explore a bit more of Rio. On Saturday afternoon, we went to Parque de Lage in Jardim Botanico. The park is a huge estate built in the late 1800’s by a wealthy European who had immigrated to Brazil. The grounds of the estate is filled with lush green plants, huge trees and quite a few monkeys.

The main house is a massive stone building, with huge archways and marble flooring. The center of the house opens into a large courtyard, with big swimming pool in the middle. The old kitchen has been converted into a cafe/restaurant and the rest of the house is used by one of the local university’s art program so as you drink your coffee you can watch aspiring artists paint. We got there about 45 minutes before they closed, but we really enjoyed it.

After the park closed we walked a bit to the Jockey Club and caught a couple of horse races before heading back to Barra. Even after living in Rio for well over a year, there is still a ton of great new things to experience.

SJJSAF PanAmericans coming soon

Lately a lot of my grappling training has been luta livre and wrestling, but in the last couple of weeks I have been making the effort to train more in the kimono. I’ve been drilling in the gi and on Saturday’s I have been going into open mats and sparring the tough blackbelts at Gordo’s.

The intensity is high and I have been having a great time. I am looking to train in the kimono more and more, because I want to compete as much as possible. I feel great and I really have the competitive hunger again. I am planning on competing in two weeks in the SJJAF Pan Americano Championships. The next couple of weeks I am going to be putting in a ton of work and I can’t wait to step back out on the mat and get some hardware.


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