Diversity in the Connection Rio house (and how it helps your BJJ)

Summer is in full swing and I am making the most of it. When not on the mats I am trying to get into the garden here at the Connection Rio house as much as possible and enjoy the day. I have taken to writing all my blogs outdoors and it makes for a relaxing time of typing.

This post was written by Connection Rio team member Torryn Heffelfinger. He blogs weekly on life and training BJJ, wrestling and MMA in Rio de Janeiro. This is an excerpt from his weekly blog “Training the Dream”. Click the link to read the full post.

We (Nicole and I) are starting to see return visitors coming through here at Connection Rio. In the last month and a half we have had three people whom stayed in early 2013 come back through to stay again. With having so many people come through CR it’s nice to see some familiar faces. Not only is it nice on a personal level but it is nice to be able to sit down with people and discuss how their training has progressed since training here in Rio.

Connection Rio house

Torryn enjoying the garden at the Connection Rio house

Yesterday evening, after a couple of hours of nogi grappling, a good friend of mine (and return guest) Christian and I headed down to the beach to relax, catch up and exchange thoughts on training. Being able to listen to the ocean and talk BJJ is just one more great aspect of the BJJ lifestyle here in Rio.

Diversity in the Connection Rio house

Right now with the house is pretty full. We have people from all of the world and all walks of life. We have guests from Sweden, U.S., Kazakhstan, Jordan, Canada, Poland, Ireland, France, Chile, Australia, and England. Not only is there a huge mix of cultures, but there is a huge diversity in the background of our guests. There are people in the house on leave from the military, those newly graduated from university, people in the restaurant business, people in the financial sector, and in the social services.

The purpose of the guests visit to Brazil varies as well. Some people are here for a “jiujitsu vacation”, some to compete advance, and some to help apply what they learn here back home. One guest who works with youths in the justice system, wants to take what he learns in BJJ and create a program for kids to help give them direction in their lives.

That said, even with all the diversity everyone here has the bond of BJJ to unite them. This bond plus staying together here at the CR HQ has formed friendships that span the globe. I can’t count the times that someone has said “If you’re in England (or Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Malaysia, etc) you have a place to stay and train.” The cool thing is I know that everyone who has said that mean it 100%.

Torryn Heffelfinger Connection Rio

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