Dennis Asche: Connection Rio year-end churrascos, more than Good Times

Since opening the doors of CR Barrinha HQ in 2009 Connection Rio has seen many faces in the jiu-jitsu and MMA community worldwide come and go.


This post was written by Connection Rio founder Dennis Asche.

From Great Grappling’s founder Jeremy Arel to athletes from Bellator and UFC, many great people from all walks of life, countries and religions traveling from near and far have graced our facilities. We have learned a great deal and made many friends from all over the world.

Our connections within the jiu-jitsu community of Rio de Janeiro have steadily grown year after year and are now more deeply rooted in the cradle of the Arte Suave than ever before. The experience that we have lived continually improves our knowledge and ability to better serve those who travel to Brazil in search of training, experience and an opportunity to live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro.

dennis-koral-giConnection Rio is an encompassment of jiu-jitsu lifestyle in the land where it was born. We bring together practitioners from around the world to experience this lifestyle and culture, sharing the common interest of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. At Connection Rio the boundaries of countries and banners of academies are withdrawn and replaced with a common ground, conducive to learning jiu-jitsu, making friends and creating connections that will last a lifetime.

Founded to help Jiu-jitsu practitioners travelling to Brazil get the most out of their experience getting them past remedial difficulties, cutting straight to an experience that allows each of our guests to dive into the cool, refreshing waters of Rio’s jiu-jitsu lifestyle. Our connections in jiu-jitsu community came through time spent on the mats and experience in the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro.

Our objective is much more than providing only accommodation, we create timeless connections between practitioners of the Arte Suave around the world. These boundless, worldwide connections are built through time on the Brazilian mats, deep in the jiu-jitsu lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro. Connection Rio is your passport to the homeland of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where you will experience the real BJJ lifestyle.

Dennis giving away some Koral gear in a raffle for guests

Dennis raffling Koral gear to Connection Rio guests

Why We Organized the Connection Rio BBQs

Over the lifetime of Connection Rio we have not only strived to bring together an eclectic mix of nationalities and representatives of academies from around the world, but also to help expose and preserve the cradle of our beloved Arte Suave.

During the last two months CR has organized two churrascos that have brought together many of the great professors and athletes in Rio de Janeiro for our year end celebrations. Rather than being one academy or another we brought respected representatives of jiu-jitsu from many different academies to the same event as allies.

It is our goal to bring respective leaders of jiu-jitsu together with the intention of creating much stronger network to organize and promote athletics within the country of Brazil to both foreign and national practitioners/professors.

Over the years as jiu-jitsu has spread to the far reaches of the globe, focus has shifted and many have forgotten or lost the respect for where this art has been developed. Yes, there are many great athletes and professors who have their own respective teams or academies outside of Brazil. However, there are many great masters, professors and top athletes of jiu-jitsu currently training and residing in the country that spawned this magnificent martial art.

Brazil is where one can experience the real lifestyle that influenced development of jiu-jitsu. There are countless Brazilian athletes who continue to dominate podiums worldwide and many who may never leave this country due to financial or documentation restrictions.

If one was to rule out experiencing what Brazil has brought and continues to bring to jiu-jitsu they would be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle on the road to mastery of the arte suave.

My sincere thank you to Victor Costa and the Koral Fight Company in Sao Paulo; and Nicolai and Nicole Rutkevich of Bossa Boards for your support of this vision. I look forward to a great new year together in 2014!

Train BJJ in Rio, live your dreams, Connection Rio
– Dennis Asche


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