Dennis Asche blog: Learning from a 9th deg Red Belt Grand Master

Connection Rio founder Dennis Asche joined a special group class taught by 9th degree red belt Alvaro Barreto today at the legendary Corpo Quatro academy in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

Joining 15 other black belts, a 7th degree coral belt and a number of coloured belts, Dennis took to the mat to learn from a man who was formed in the famous Gracie Academy of the 1950s.

At 71 years of age, Master Alvaro Barreto is a retired professor of physical education and now works as a vice president for SUDERJ, the sports council for the Rio de Janeiro state. Corpo Quatro was the academy he opened over 40 years ago and where was many top fighters and black belts were formed, such as Sylvio Behring.

As part of the final sessions of filming for the upcoming documentary “Red Belts: Grand Masters of BJJ”, Dennis had this to say.

“The experience of working on BJJ Hack’s Red Belts documentary has truly been an amazing experience. An honor to learn history, first hand from the Grand Masters of Jiu-jitsu.”

“This opportunity has allowed me to better understand the Arte Suave and see it with more clarity than ever before. This is a contribution to Jiu-jitsu world wide and one that preserves the art, while at the same time educates the generations with information collected from the sources who created it. I look forward to seeing the final cut!”





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