Dennis Asche’s advice on visiting Rio: BJJ Eastern Europe Interview

Well-known BJJ website BJJ Eastern Europe has just posted a cool interview with Connection Rio founder Dennis Asche.

Here’s a quick excerpt on what to expect:

What goes through a Brazilian BJJ player’s mind when they see a foreigner stepping for the first time in their academy?

On my arrival in Rio there was a much different attitude toward foreigners on the mat. Although I was respected it had to be earned, both in the academy and at competitions here. Now with the explosion of growth in BJJ, there are many great athletes from all over the World. I believe that many Brazilians still see Jiu-jitsu from the exterior as inferior but that has changed a lot and continues to do so as more and more non-Brazilians visit and train/compete in Brazil.

What would you say are the plus and minuses of being in a place like Connection Rio compared to renting your own apartment and training as a lone foreigner in a typical Brazilian academy?

First off, when I arrived in Rio it seemed the best option to be on my own and stay away from other foreigners to have a “real” experience of the culture and academies here. It took some time before beginning to realize the great benefit of spending time here with like minded people from around the World. The experience of Jiu-jitsu lifestyle in Rio with others is incomparable and will last forever in stories built on great experiences shared together in the cradle of BJJ.


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