CrossFit Zona Sul, Rio de Janerio

CrossFit Zona Sul has now teamed up with Connection Rio to offer in-house classes to guests in Barra da Tijuca.

Coach Jeremy DeNardo, founder of CrossFit Zona Sul, Rio de Janeiro is training Connection Rio guests in one of the Worlds best forms of physical preparation available. CrossFit has proven it’s effectiveness time and again since founder Greg Glassman introduced it to us all.

There is no excuse to leave Rio without becoming a better athlete between World class Jiu-jitsu and CrossFit training, readily available to all Connection Rio guests.

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  1. Dustin
    I am traveling to brazil in September 2012. I crossfit in Huntington Beach, USA. I am interested in training a few days during my trip. Looking to get a few wods in and see how it's done in Rio! Please let me know if it is possible to train as a guest a few days Thanks, Dustin
  2. admin
    Dustin, glad to hear you will be visiting Rio soon! Yes, you will be able to train here. We look forward to seeing you here in Rio. Dennis Asche
  3. Fabrizio
    Olá Como faço para treinar com vocês? Qual o local? Faço Crossfit fora do Brasil e gostaria de treinar em Out e Nov, pois estarei no Rio. Agradeco desde já, Fabrizio
  4. Emanuele
    Bom dia, eu volto no Rio o dia 18 de novembro atè o dia 27, queria sabere se posso fazer um treinamento con voces, eu sou um principiante...., queria saber o endereço olugar do treinamento, eu fico em Copacabana muito obrigado Emanuele,Italia ATE’ A ULTIMA GOTA, ATE’ULTIMO RESPIRO…ATE’ A FIM Fica com Deus, treina comigo
  5. Felipe
    Hey..voy a brasil en febrero...en que lugar puedo entrenar crossfit? como puedo llegar?
  6. Alan Roche
    Travelling from Dublin, Ireland. In Rio on the 23rd, the 28th and the 29th of November. Would love to drop in and train with you guys... Cheers, Alan.
  7. Traveling to Rio During Cranivale 2013. I normally Train in South Melbourne Crossfit 3000 and would love to pop if possible ? Cheers
  8. felipe
    estaria interessado em comecar a treinar com voces. Em que lugar é o treinamento?? Obrigado
  9. Davis
    Hello Jeremy, I will be there in Rio for Carnival all next week and would love to do some WODs there! I'm staying in Copa. Where do you have your classes? Obrigado! Davis

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