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January was a busy month for the Connection Rio crew. Guests from around the world enjoyed a number of exciting outings, from watching elite-level black belt competition to touring one of the most notorious favelas in Rio!

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Felipe Costa Special Class at the Connection Rio House
Brasa black belt Felipe Costa swung by the Connection Rio house in Barra to give a special small group class on the finer points of taking the back.

The mats were laid out on the top deck of the Connection Rio Premier House, giving the guys an opportunity to train outside and in the sun!

See Felipe’s excellent teaching and slick techniques here

1-16-2012 Rodolfo_x_Xande

Copa Podio: Heavyweight Grand Prix
The special invitation-only tournament Copa Podio saw the best of the best in action, right here in Rio. This professional competition drew competitors such as Rodolfo Vieira, Xande Ribeiro, Leandro Lo and even Keenan Cornelius.

The crew headed over to the Clube Hebraica in Laranjeiras and enjoyed a night of awesome fights and drama.

Take a look at the event report here.

Surfing with BJJ master Sylvio Behring

Surfing with Sylvio Behring
7th degree black belt Sylvio Behring is also a lifelong surfer and he jumped at the chance to take the Connection Rio guests out on the water.

Heading down to the beautiful Barra beach, Sylvio got the all of the guys to stand up (which was amazing as they had zero experience of surfing) showing he’s just as good a surfing teacher as he is a master of jiu-jitsu!

A video of the surfing experience will come soon, in the meantime read ab out the day here.

2-4-2013 BOPE1

BOPE and favela tour
The event that got everybody talking was the visit to BOPE’s headquarters and the favela tour that followed.

BOPE, Brazil’s elite police squad, are known as one of the toughest police units in the world and the COnnection Rio guests were given a tour of their HQ in Rio.

Following this, members of the BOPE squad took the guests on a tour of two favelas, including the gigantic and notorious Complexo do Alemao.

Read about it here and look for a video of the experience coming soon.

From training and accommodation to academy visits and special tours, and even small group classes with the best teachers Rio has to offer, Connection Rio offers everything you need for the perfect jiu-jitsu holiday!

Connection Rio is the best combination of accommodation and BJJ training in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today and plan your trip to train BJJ in Rio.

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