Connection Rio BJJ Camp, Rio de Janeiro

Connection Rio BJJ Camp, that is how the Connection Rio hostels are often referred to by those who have yet to visit. Is CR a camp in the sense that all of your activities are pre-programmed and your hand held, no. How about CR being a camp that hands you a daily schedule to adhere to, the answer is also no.We do however cater to BJJ camps from abroad through accommodation at the Connection Rio hostels.

In essence Connection Rio is a BJJ Camp, by fact that the majority of guests train or end up training Jiu-jitsu during their stay. CR may also be categorised as a BJJ Camp from the general good moral in training and making the most of time here in Rio de Janeiro among guests. Regardless, it is important to know that Connection Rio is a BJJ hostel providing all of the options that a BJJ Camp has to offer and more. CR gives each and every guest an opportunity to explore the city on their own, without a pre-set itinerary as to what they will be doing. Every guest can set their own agenda in every aspect of their trip, from length of stay, what the preferred daily activities are. If a guest wants to schedule tours or special activities that is of course an option but as stated before Connection Rio does not schedule a daily activities list for it’s guests.

To someone who is travelling to Brazil or internationally for the first time it may strike fear to have this freedom of choice. Do not be afraid! That freedom can be very rewarding as it allows Connection Rio guests to build their own itinerary, spend time as they choose and create stories through their adventure that will be told for generations to come of the time in Rio de Janeiro.

In the end Connection Rio can be called a BJJ Camp but we are a different animal, BJJ hostels catering to a much more broad range of guests. We have guests here for a few days and some for six months, there is no minimum or maximum length of stay and we are happy to oblige all comers who would like to experience the Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio’s best combination of accommodation and training, contact us today to plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro.

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