Connection Rio, a Jiu jitsu hostel

Connection Rio, a Jiu-jitsu hostel.

In Rio de Janeiro, 2009, Connection Rio opened the doors of this Rio based Jiu-jitsu hostel to the public. Many travellers from around the World where already familiar with the service provided by Connection Rio helping to find accommodation in the city of Rio de Janeiro. What was now different was the fact that accommodation was now provided at CR’s own location, a Jiu-jitsu hostel. There have been and are many themes for hostels in the city of Rio de Janeiro but none can truly say that they are comparable with Connection Rio.

Learn more about Connection Rio Founder Dennis Asche and how CR came to be.

Connection Rio’s Jiu-jitsu hostels in Rio de Janeiro are dedicated to bringing athletes and practitioners from around the planet to one common destination. CR hostels are not 5 star resorts (see related article), nor where they ever intended to be. Connection Rio Jiu-jitsu hostels provide a common ground, with the basic necessities (including WIFI) for travellers to meet and enjoy this great city of Rio de Janeiro.

Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle, which goes hand and hand with Rio de Janeiro is shared among guests who spend their time training and enjoying the culture of Rio together. Those guests quickly find the collective motivation of other guests encouraging them to train and make the most of time spent here. It is not a camp or vacation package where a guide programs your days and holds hands with you throughout the experience. Connection Rio points you in the right direction and gives a helping hand, while at the same time allowing the space to create your own adventures and write your own chapters of life long memories in the book of life.

Connection Rio, a true Jiu-jitsu hostel. Contact us today for information on accommodation and prices at CR BJJ hostels.

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