Connection Rio 5 Star Accommodation

Connection Rio 5 Star accommodation

Have you heard about Connection Rio’s five star accommodation; The one with luxury spa, ball room and 24 hour concierge service? If CR accommodation has been portraid to you as a 5 star rated accommodation and this is what your expectations are upon arrival, first impressions will be a let down. There is no 24 concierge service, luxury spa or ball room…  However, the very reasonably priced accommodation will leave you with more funds to enjoy this marvellous city. It will also give you a true taste of the Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle, where BJJ became what it is today. Connection Rio provides a common ground on which athletes and BJJ practitioners from around the Word may unite to experience Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in the mother land of BJJ, see Brazilian culture and enjoy what Rio de Janeiro has to offer.

Rio’s best combination of accommodation and training, contact us today to plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro.

Rather than holding your hand through the time spent in Rio de Janeiro, CR provides a platform that allows for people with common interests and paths to meet and explore the city of Rio together. Five star accommodation is not what CR has striven to become. Connection Rio accommodation is basic, meeting the simple needs of a traveller who is in Rio for BJJ Lifestyle and culture. Rather than become a resort or large hotel that separates it’s guests, CR has developed into a unique accommodation. An accommodation that works at bringing guests from around the World together, allowing each and every visitor an opportunity to truly experience the Jiu-jitsu Lifestyle. The people who meet at Connection Rio build relationships that will last a lifetime and share some of the most memorable, best experiences of their lives. These experiences, life long friendships and stories that are created here in Rio by CR guests are what give so much value to Connection Rio’s accommodation and service.

Thank you to all Connection Rio guests, past, present and future for helping to make CR what it is today.


 Dennis A. Asche

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