Celebrating Rio Carnaval at the Sambódromo (with pics)

As you may or may not have noticed, last week’s blog didn’t exactly happen. By far and large, Carnaval is to blame. Trying to juggle managing both houses, training and celebrating Carnaval was not easy. If you’re coming to Rio to train seriously, this might be one of the periods you would like to skip (just like Xmas and New Year’s).

This blog was written by Peter, Connection Rio house manager. He’ll be blogging weekly on life and training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro.

Having said that, both New Year’s and Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro are unforgettable experiences. When to come to Rio depends on your goals, and is definitely something you should keep in mind when booking, even more so if you’re only here for a few weeks. Several people were disappointed because they didn’t realise that the gym is closed for a couple of days during holiday periods.

On Monday I had the pleasure of going to the official Carnaval parade at the Sambódromo. We bought our tickets online at rio-carnival.net, which was the cheapest out of all the options we looked at. I’d advise you to go and pick up the tickets yourself, as that will allow you to iron out any problems that might occur.

The parade itself was nothing short of awesome. I was surprised at the quality of the costumes and the floats. In Belgium, we like to think we have a bit of a tradition going on in Aalst but this was on a whole different level. Whenever the bateria (drums) came by, the public would get into it as well, creating a great

As I mentioned before, training was tough during Carnaval. Thankfully there were a few people in the house that wanted to train so we had a few open mats and a bit of drilling going on. By now, normal life has resumed, training is back on and I am back to blogging. See you next week!

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