Carnival Rio de Janeiro

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, one of our Worlds largest parties. This festive time of year leaves anyone in the city with no choice but to participate to one degree or another. The saying in Rio is that this country’s year doesn’t begin after New Years, it begins after Carnival.

For all visiting athletes, make the most of the time when Rio de Janeiro is in celebration. Enjoy the block parties and watch some of the unbelievable floats and costumes that are on display at the Sambadrome. Beginning of the year, Brazilian Summer is meant to be a time of enjoyment and it should be lived to it’s fullest.

Having said that it is also an ideal time to stay ahead of the pack by putting in time on the mats and in conditioning for upcoming competitions of 2012. Keep on top of conditioning and stay healthy through hydration and a good diet.

Abundant "Agua de Coco"

If there is any alcohol involved in your Carnival Rio, be sure and drink plenty of water and easily accessible “agua de coco” (coconut water). Make a little time to get some healthy food in your diet as well, there is plenty of great food in Rio de Janeiro. Not only will you have more energy to be active during Carnival but will recover and get the rhythm back much more quickly after the party is over.

In conditioning, it is not necessary to destroy it. Instead maintain a steady progression that will bring you closer to goals of competition in the up and coming months. Not to mention conditioning really helps to flush toxins out of your body. Hiking Pedra da Gavea, biking the city and running (or even walking) along the beaches of Rio will all help to stay on top of the game. Connection Rio guests are encouraged to make the most Coach Denardo of Crossfit Zona Sul’s experience as a competitive Wrestler and certified trainer. Coach Denardo is currently helping to bring the best out of a number of athletes here in Rio for 2012 calendar year of BJJ competitions, including myself.

Felize Carnival!

– Dennis A. Asche

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