Carnival is Coming / How to Stay Safe on the Beach in Rio

Carnival in Rio is fast approaching, which means the houses in Connection Rio are starting to fill up quickly with all types of people which helps create a good atmosphere within the house. I like to keep my focus on training as that’s what I am happy doing, but we have a lot of guys who are now taking a more relaxed approached so whatever you want to do you won’t be out of place.

This blog is written by Connection Rio sponsored athlete Lee Wright, who is training BJJ in Brazil as part of our sponsorship program. Connection Rio also provides free training and accommodation for select athletes from around the world.

Last week we had 3 English guys arrive who are staying for 2 weeks, they had an interesting first couple of days in Rio while checking out the beach. They decided to go for a swim but went out a little further than was safe and couldn’t get back in… Lucky for them a couple of kids who train at Gordo JJ were on hand to go out and rescue them with surf boards! For some advice on getting out of trouble, check this post from Dennis.

My training at Gordo JJ is going really well, I have one month to go in Rio so I am just trying to make the most of everyday and learn as much as I possibly can.

Lee on the mat at Gordo BJJ

Lee on the mat at Gordo BJJ

Last week I got the chance to roll with Gordo for the first time, this was a really cool experience and he gave me a lot of space to work my game during sparring. Not a day goes by where I don`t learn sometime, even during breaks in between rounds I’ve picked up a lot of new ideas and concepts just by watching high level guys train.

One of the guys in the house, Jeremy, has been working hard with Dennis to launch an obstacle race course in Rio designed to test participates strength, stamina and resilience. Jeremy is a Crossfit coach and both him and Dennis are very knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness so I am sure this race will be very well put together in a challenging yet fun way.

If you are visiting Connection Rio in the next few months then then I defiantly recommend entering the race, it will be a lot of fun and the perfect complement to your BJJ training. You can keep updated on the status of the race by following Corrida De Elite on Facebook.

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