2012 Carnaval Rio Block Party the Biggest Ever!

2012 Carnaval Rio Block Party the biggest ever, Breaks attendance Records over 93 years with 2.2 million!

2012 brought a record breaking number of public attendance to the streets of Rio de Janeiro with 2.2 million people at the “Cordao da Bola Preta” block party in Centro over the weekend. The massive number of it’s millions of participants filled the streets with singing, dancing, drinking and enjoyment of this year’s Carnaval Rio. According to O Globo news, this years record block party was the largest in 93 years.

The block party organisers changed the route of this mobile party turning off of Ave. Rio Branco to pass in front of the three high-rise buildings fallen in January 2012. Near the Teatro Municipal event organisers asked for one minute of silence paying respect to victims of the tragedy.

Carnival Rio 2012, the biggest ever!

Bloco do Cordao da Bola Preta - Photo by O Globo News

The Cordao da Bola Preta bloco along with hundreds of other block parties where listed on www.connectionrio.com. There are still many to come, see what’s next on the block party list from Connection Rio – Carnival Rio, Where’s the Party?

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