From California to Rio de Janeiro: BJJ LIbrary founder Dave Kim

Connection Rio is pleased to welcome our newest sponsored athlete, purple belt Dave Kim. A San Diego resident and student of the legendary brothers Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, Dave is also the founder of, the “Netflix of jiu-jitsu”.

Dave has joined us here in Rio for 2 months as part of the Connection Rio sponsorship program and will be looking to meet and train with the best names in BJJ Rio de Janeiro has to offer as part of his goal of gathering content for his site while here in Brazil.

Dave keeps a really cool blog over at, where you can read all about his experiences and see a lot of photos of life in Connection Rio, the surrounding neighborhood and the rest of the city too.

Here’s an excerpt from his latest post:

There are about 18 people in the Connection Rio house and I got to meet about half the people upon my arrival. I was surprised by the diversity in the guests with people from Israel, Finland, Jordan, Ireland, UK, United States, Kazakhstan, and other countries that I’m sure to have forgotten already. The guests here are generally friendly and looking to meet friends as we’re all here to train hard and enjoy the sights and nightlife of Brazil.

I was tired from sleep deprivation during the week prior to my trip to Brazil and used the next few hours to unpack my stuff and get situated in the house. I trained at Gordo’s gym that evening and was really blessed to share the mats with 9 black belts, 7+ brown belts, and 7+ purple belts in what made for extremely good training. It’s rare to find more than 3 black belts on the mat in any BJJ gym in the US but because the sport has a much longer history in Brazil, there are many more black belts in the country.

Dave will be blogging weekly – stay tuned for regular updates.

Dave with some friends from Connection Rio on a night out in Lapa

Dave with some friends from Connection Rio on a night out in Lapa

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