Budgeting your trip to Rio

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from people who are thinking of training BJJ in Rio is: “How much money will I need?”

This, of course, will differ for everyone. It depends on what kind of lifestyle you want to lead while you’re out here. Can you cook, or will you be eating out every night? Will you want to explore the city or travel around the country? Are you a party animal or a homebody?

We can’t tell you how much money to bring. We can, however, give you an idea of how much things cost (look for an update in the FAQ soon).

Jamal Mahboob stayed in both the Connection Rio HQ and premier houses, and has a very useful post on his website where he details how he saved for the trip and how he accounted for expenses back home as well as what he would need while he was in Brazil.

Check out Jamal’s post here. It’s a really useful starting point for anyone looking for train BJJ in Rio.

Rio’s best combination of accommodation and training, contact us today and plan your trip to Rio de Janeiro.

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