Boxing, BBQs & The 11 Commandments of BOPE

It has been a fun filled week with lots of good memories and as always great training. As I am writing this a big group of us at the Connection Rio house are relaxing listening to music letting our stomachs settle after our second BBQ of the weekend.

Enjoying a few beers after a BBQ at the Connection Rio House

Enjoying a few beers after a BBQ at the Connection Rio House

This blog is written by Connection Rio team member Torryn Heffelfinger. He’ll be blogging weekly on life and training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro. In the following excerpt from his weekly blog ‘Training the Dream”, he details training with world champions and how he approaches strength and conditioning in Rio de Janeiro

This week I switched it up a bit and spent a lot of time working on striking. Back home I spent a lot of time boxing over the last year and I wanted to start to get back into it so I don’t lose the knowledge and technique my boxing coach Bill Bustance taught me. I got a lot of great pad work in with Austin, one of the guys in the house, and since he has spent time in Thailand he is adding some elbow strikes and knees into my game.

With my weekly run to Ship Rock I was able to trim another minute 15 seconds off my time. On the way down I met an Italian guy who is touring Brazil on his motorcycle. We climbed down together and talked in broken English and Portuguese. You never know what cool people you might meet down here on any given day.

Torryn with girlfriend Nicole inside BOPE HQ

Torryn with girlfriend Nicole inside BOPE HQ

Commandments of BOPE
Being such an elite fighting force the BOPE must be strong and disciplined not only physically but mentally as well. There base is filled with sayings that spur the BOPE into action, such as ‘Treinamento Duro, Combate Facil’ (Hard Training, Easy Combat) and ‘Va e Venca!’ (Go and Win!).

My favorite words painted on the base was the ‘The Commandments of BOPE‘. The following commandments can serve not only the ‘Tropa de Elite’ but also the martial artist, fighter, gym rat, and even the everyday person.


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