BJJ’s Cradle, Rio de Janeiro: Now is the time to visit!

BJJ’s cradle, Rio de Janeiro: Now is the time to visit! Rio de Janeiro is the cradle of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and an incredible city, with much to offer. No matter if you have visited before or have been dreaming of a jiu-jitsu vacation in the marvellous city, now is the time to be here.

Ready to visit Rio de Janeiro? Stay with us at Connection Rio in one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth, with an extremely diverse and fun loving culture. There is no wonder why Rio is called the ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’ (Marvellous City).

Whether you are visiting for a relaxed training vacation or in preparation for the next big jiu-jitsu championship, be assured you’ll get what you are looking for. Hundreds of Jiu-jitsu academies to choose from, a sea of black belts and all levels of practitioners to train with are undoubtedly a combination that provide the makings of an outstanding training vacation for you.

Mario Sperry at the BJJ Hostel

On top of that, the 2016 Olympic Games are just around the corner and Rio’s infrastructure (including the soon to be inagurated metro station a short walk from our front gate), security and receptiveness to foreigners are better than ever.  There has never been a better time to visit Connection Rio than now.

Live jiu-jitsu and make the most out of your time in Brazil with us at the BJJ Hostel! You’ll meet and train with people from all over the world, and with your new friends you’ll find out exactly what the BJJ  in Rio de Janeiro entails. From in-house seminars, drill sessions with housemates and visits to academies all over the city we know how it’s done because we have been living jiu-jitsu for years!

Visit Pepe Beach, a historic site for jiu-jitsu, including one of the most famous battles between Luta Livre and Jiu-jitsu, where legend Rickson Gracie fought Luta Livre powerhouse Hugo Duarte right on the white sand beach! As Luta Livre and Jiu-jitsu are now allies you are not likely to see any beach brawls you will see some of the most fit women and men in the city working on their tans, kite surfing and surfing on the beautiful beach.

Kristof at Joatinga Beach near CR BJJ Hostel

Kristof at Joatinga Beach near Connection Rio Jiu-jitsu Hostel

Visit Pedra da Gavea mountain, located directly in front of Connection Rio. Pedra is located in the Tijuca National forest and from the mountain top you will see arguably the very best view in Rio de Janeiro. This site is another historic location for jiu-jitsu practitioners and professional surfers for generations.

Be sure to make time for a visit to praia da Joatinga, just a 12 minute walk from Connection Rio’s front gate (Connection Rio Location). Joatinga beach is little known to foreigners and is truely a hidden gem, rated as one of Rio’s top beaches to visit. Teeming with sunbathers,

Top activities you might enjoy off the mat besides relax poolside at Connection Rio are…

  • Visit Pepe Beach to surf, kite-surf, swim, drink an agua de coco or eat at one of the many kiosks that line the beach.
  • Hike Pedra da Gavea mountain and look over the city from a magnificent 360 degree panoramic viewpoint that will take your breath away.
  • Spend the day relaxing and enjoying the sun at Joatinga beach, just a 12 minute walk from our front gate.

If you are looking for more the world famous Bar do Oswaldo is located three short blocks from Connection Rio, serving some of Rio’s most famous ‘batidas’ (mixed drinks) and showing the UFC on their big screen TVs. BDO is a great way to warm up if you are headed out on the town or to make a night of it only a short distance from the BJJ Hostel.

From there when you are ready to get back on the mats and take advantage of the jiu-jitsu we have prices and schedules for more than thirty of the best, most sought after jiu-jitsu academies in Rio and the world at your disposal. That in combination with our knowledgeable staff who are ready to help you with your jiu-jitsu adventures whenever you need will ensure the best possible experience.

Connection Rio BJJ Hostel, with its huge garden, pool and beautiful view of the rainforest-covered soaring peak of Pedra da Gavea, has hosted in turn of 2000 jiujiteiros from all over the world. Martial artists to recreational grapplers, professional athletes to UFC fighters, professors and coaches, we’re hosted them all.

Now is the time to be in Rio de Janeiro to create your unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories. Now is the time to book your stay at the world’s first Jiu-jitsu Hostel in Rio de Janerio, cradle of BJJ.

Connection Rio, we are where you want to be! Join us here in Rio de Janeiro. Contact CR BJJ Hostel today and book your stay

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