BJJ Sponsored Athletes: Opportunity from Connection Rio

Since the founding of Connection Rio we have provided a service that opened doors to hundreds of athletes from Arte Suave. As CR grew, we have expanded and continued to develop more ways to give back and provide more for those who dedicate their lives to Jiu-jitsu.

For years we have helped by sponsoring athletes both from abroad and Brazil helping them to live their dreams. In 2012 we officially began our structured sponsorship program for athletes who whish to train BJJ in Rio de Janeiro and it has been a great success. The initial response was so great that it promped us to expand the program, offering support to more aspiring athletes and that is exactly what we have done.

Connection Rio now has the capacity to host multiple sponsored athletes year round in Rio de Janeiro. We welcome enquiries and will continue to help as many athletes as we can to live thier dreams training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro. If you are one of the many who are ready to commit to living the dream and follow through to completing your goals READ THIS POST and fill out the information needed to apply for Connection Rio sponsorship. In order to be accepted for sponsorship you must complete the required information as requested.

Good Luck! 

BJJ academy Rio de Janeiro

Abdallah Nabas and Michael Tlalka, part of Connection Rio’s 2013 sponsored athletes program

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  1. I pray I can be honored and blessed enough to receive this sponsorship.

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