BJJ Souvenirs Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro BJJ souvenirs are a popular item among traveling practitioners of the Arte Suave, however until recently not as easy to encounter as one might think. Something that has been very hard to come by are souvenirs that are not t-shirts with obnoxious advertisements of violence, death and destruction (all of which have their place…), but rather clothing and items that you will not need to think twice about wearing out in public, to a family dinner or showing your neighbor.

Wild Rio T-Shirt


Connection Rio produces quality, Brazilian made clothing and products that depict the Jiu-jitsu lifestyle here in Rio de Janeiro.We strive to improve, expand and broaden the range of products, while all the while looking for designs that best depict the Jiu-jitsu lifestyle in Rio de Janeiro. A key element behind the originality and authenticity of these products is the fact that they are produced here in Brazil. The fact that your t-shirt, coffee mug or coaster was produced here in the land that they are representing add value to each and every one of them.

Pedra da Gavea T-Shirt

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