BJJ: Self Defense vs. Sport, Relson Gracie in Rio de Janeiro

BJJ: Self defense vs. Sport is a topic Master Relson Gracie is quick to address…

Master Relson Gracie in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Connection Rio guests made their last group outing a visit to the academy of none other than Master Relson Gracie. The animated Relson wasted no time in creating a scenario where anyone of the classes participants could potentially use Gracie Jiu-jitsu to defend themselves on the street (or in this scenario, on the beach). Use of the simplified basics was stressed, as was reference to avoid being in guard or any modified guards in a street fight.

During the visit Master Relson did not hold back his feelings on any subject, even expressing his disgust toward younger brother and first champion of UFC, Royce Gracie for not sticking to his roots of BJJ and using steroids.

In Relson’s class the basic principles of self defense that have been pass on for generations in the Gracie family where brought to life with stories, plenty of demonstrations and his personal attention for all in attendance.

Master Relson teaching how to frame against an opponent.

Those who where in attendance from CR where all grateful for the opportunity to train with Master Relson Gracie. We look forward to more sessions like this one with Relson Gracie.

Master Relson Gracie in a scenario of street self defense

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