BJJ Lifestyle: Pedro Bonita, Punch Chokes, Back Takes & BBQs

Another great week of the BJJ lifestyle in beautiful Rio de Janeiro! I had some excellent training, saw some new parts of the city, and got to work a bit on my tan over the weekend. We were even surprised to have UFC Heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga stop by the house for a bit. One of his students is staying at CR and Gabriel stopped by to pick him up and took the time to say hi to everyone and chat for a couple of minutes. Just another example that in Rio you never know who is going to walk through the door.

Training The Punch Choke

On Tuesday Dennis taught a great class, we drilled and reviewed several techniques, and also learned a vicious punch choke from guard. To make things better he also brought in Fabricio “Predator” (Pride Fight Wear owner and black belt under Gordo) and Pedro Duarte, an accomplished BJJ competitor and instructor from BTT. Dennis made sure that everyone had the chance to roll with them. Both guys have a devastating top game.

On Wednesday I went to Rafael’s class where he showed a reguard and a back take from countering the single underhook pass. The back take was awesome, I (and the other guys in class) never thought you could take the back from this position. The back take is a bit complicated but Rafael explained in a way that broke down every little detail step by step so it would flow together.

On Friday one the the CR guests, Chris, and I a great drill session in. He worked on some sweeps he had picked up (or learned new details on) during his two weeks here. While training here he had multiple sessions at Gordo’s and the Gringo Class, as well as getting some training in at Leo Teixeira’s and at Gracie Barra. I drilled several reversals to submissions I learned in Dennis’s class plus repped out some of the new back take I learned form Rafael. It was great to not only get to drill but also exchange some ideas and pointers on techniques.

BJJ Lifestyle: Hiking Pedra Bonita and Pool Side BBQ

On Saturday Nicole and I went with Antoine Jaoude to do some conditioning up Pedra Bonita. Pedra Bonita is a large rock in Sao Conrado, which is most famous for being the best hang gliding site in Rio. People take off from Bonita and sail over the area eventually landing on Sao Conrado Beach. We started up the trail at a fast pace and worked our way to the top. The path isn’t overly long but it winds back and forth at a pretty steep incline so by the time we reached the top both our legs and our lungs were burning. The view from the top was amazing! To one side was the vastness of Rio and on the other was Barra and Recreio. We made the hike back down, watched a few hang gliders take off and then headed back to Barra.

Nicole and I capped off the afternoon with a great BBQ and relaxing poolside with most of the CR guests over at HQ. We spent the evening talking training, swapping stories, and laughing. It made for a great day.

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