BJJ in Rio de Janeiro, as a White or Blue belt

BJJ in Rio de Janeiro, as a White or Blue belt

Training BJJ in Rio de Janeiro as a white or blue belt is a great experience. There is often a fear from the new practitioners who are about to plunge into the new World of Jiu-jitsu while being engulfed by Rio’s cultural experience. To experience Jiu-jitsu in the motherland of Arte Suave for a first time is an experience to be remembered. What better than to start training where this great art was developed, before being spread throughout our World.

I truly believe that having such a great variety of life long practitioners to train with, offering something to strive for and look forward to yourself as a practitioner. To date there is just no comparison to the sheer volume of high ranked Jiu-jitsu practitioners seen on the mats in Brazil. Training with and experiencing what these high level practitioners are like first hand sets the standard for your game, right from the start. On top of that there are also other people from around the World training and experiencing the Arte Suave for their first time here too, who can add to the training experience through friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

If not speaking Portuguese is a concern, it does help to speak the native language but Jiu-jitsu is very hands on and you will learn with or without the language. In addition there are an abundance of English speaking high profile professors and athletes who reside in the city.

Many people are also concerned about not doing well or not being “good enough” to train in Rio… Everyone has a first day and a first time in every new experience of life. Are you the one who gives up before experiencing something new or who creates an experience that will last a lifetime?

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