Behring Jiu-jitsu, Rio de Janeiro – X-Gym

Behring Jiu-jitsu, Rio de Janeiro at X-Gym

Behring Jiu-jitsu

Behring Jiu-jitsu and it’s progressive system is both effective and well taught by three generations of the Behring family. Passed along from Grand Master Red Belt Flavio Behring, to Master Coral Belt Sylvio Behring to Black Belt Ian Behring their knowledge spans generations. Residing in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Grand Master Flavio Behring spends much of his time traveling to teach around the World but when GM Flavio is in Rio, you are sure to find him on the mats of his son’s academy, located inside the X-Gym – Rio de Janeiro. There on the mats of his family’s academy the Red Belt shows support for his son’s success in passing along Arte Suave. With pride of his family’s accomplishments rightfully unmistakeable in his eye, GM Flavio Behring makes time to interact with those who come seeking knowledge, wherever they may be from.

Inside the famed X-Gym is where the Behring family’s Progressive System is very much alive on the mats in Rio de Janeiro. On any given day you can see Master Sylvio Behring or his black belt son Ian teaching class, passing on the pure technique to those in attendance, with a systematic method of instruction and training.

Behring Jiu-jitsu at X-Gym is one of Connection Rio’s many stops at academies throughout Rio de Janeiro and one of our favorites. During our last visit we brought a diverse group of guests from around the World to experience Master Behring’s Progressive System, as taught first hand from the Behring family. Take a minute to see for yourself how training went for CR guests at Behring Jiu-jitsu, Rio.


Connection Rio training at Behring Jiu-jitsu

Where ever you’re from where ever you want to train, Connection Rio is your connection in Rio de Janeiro. Contact us today for information on booking your stay.

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