After 6 months in Brazil, how’s the BJJ?

I have now spent 6 months in Rio and although I am looking forward to going home after such a long time I will miss a lot of a lot of things, mainly the relaxed lifestyle of just training whenever you want to without having to worry about too much else is pretty awesome.

This blog was written by Connection Rio sponsored athlete Lee Wright. This is his final blog after spending six months in Brazil, three of those as a sponsored athlete for Connection Rio.

I feel like I have learnt a lot in my time here, everyone is telling me I am moving a lot better and progressing but sometimes it is hard to see things yourself. Overall I am really pleased with how it the training has gone, I have had very few injuries and my body seems to cope ok with training all the time although I do keep getting told this will change once I hit 30… in 5 years !

Lee with Gordo and some of the guys from the gym

Lee with Gordo and some of the guys from the gym

My last class was really cool, it was a pretty chilled class but I still got some good mount position sparring and some good rounds in. I had a lot of positive comments from the Brazilian guys before I left saying they thought I had trained very well the last 6 months and improved a lot, I will really miss training with them and I can`t wait return to Gordo JJ.

I am very excited to compete lots when I return to the UK; I have cut down to middleweight so I am looking forward to been one of the strongest and hopefully most technical guys in my category.

I would also just like to say thanks to Dennis Asche of Connection Rio for the opportunity. If you are thinking about visiting Rio then I would defiantly recommend you go for it, and look into the many options that Connection Rio now offer.

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