About Us

“Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: “I am with you kid. Let’s go.” – Maya Angelou

Connection Rio provides jiu-jitsu experiences in Rio de Janeiro for visitors from around the world.

We offer:
• Accommodation
• Expert advice and knowledge of the city
• Tours of the city
• Visits to all the top BJJ and MMA gyms
• Custom-made group camps
• In-house classes with guest instructors
• and much, much more

What do we do?
Contact us and we’ll arrange accommodation for you in Rio de Janeiro at a choice of locations close to many top BJJ and MMA gyms.

Need help arranging training? We’ll provide you with prices and contacts to enable you to start training as soon as you arrive.

We arrange regular visits to gyms across the city, allowing you the chance to train with the art’s greatest masters.

From hang gliding flights to the best sight-seeing spots, we have the connections to ensure you enjoy every second of your stay. Our knowledgeable team are always on hand and able to help point visitors in the right direction.

Our Guarantee
Almost anything that someone wants or needs, we’ve been there too. We had to find it out the hard way, but now we’re in a position to help others out, and it makes everyone’s lives so much easier.

The people behind the scenes at Connection Rio know exactly what visitors to Rio need because they’ve been in their shoes too.

Connection Rio is unique because it’s a long-standing Brazilian company, but owned and manned by a diverse group of multinationals with a common interest in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.