3 Things to Bring to Rio (and 3 Things to Take Home)

Now is a great time to come to Rio for many reasons, one of them being the fantastic exchange rate. This means that Rio at the moment is the cheapest it has been in years! Overall I found the cost of living in Rio to be cheaper than back home, in the UK, before the exchange rate rocketed, so it is obviously even better now. However there are a few items here which are more expensive that at home, which are worth remembering. And there are also many items which are a lot cheaper than at home, which are worth taking back.

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Its also important to remember a few essentials that most people forget to bring and it is definitely worth taking back a few mementos from Brazil to commemorate your travels here. So below I have listed my top 3 items to bring and my top 3 items to take home.

3 Things To Bring:

1.Sun Tan Cream. This is important to bring for a couple of reasons. Firstly health, it can get very hot here in Rio not just in the summer but in the winter as well. Its important to protect your skin from the sun especially around midday or when you will be out in the open for extended periods of time, such as beach visits. Its also a good idea to bring sun tan cream here because it can be a little more expensive than at home.

2. A Sweater. Ninety per cent of the time here in Rio it is sunny and warm but occasionally it can get a little cooler so its worth bringing a jumper with you. Also you may find it a little cool during the winter nights here, especially if you are from a hot country, and it is always better to bring one and not need it than to need one and not have it.

3. Supplements. If you regularly take protein power or supplements, including vitamins, then it is definitely worth bringing them here. Brazil taxes supplements heavily meaning to purchase them here would be expensive, so it’s best to bring your own.

3 Things To Take Home:

1. Havaianas. The iconic Brazilian flip flop that just about everyone here wears is an essential item to take home. With the Brazilian flag across the strap, they are part of the dress code for any true Carioca (Rio local). They can also be purchased here for as little as 13 Reals (5.5 US Dollars or 3.5 GB Pounds).

2. Cachaça. This spirit is the main ingredient to the Brazilian national cocktail of caipirinhas. With a flavor not dissimilar to rum it is made from sugar cane and would make a great gift for anyone back home looking for some true Brazilian flavor. There is also a huge choice of cachaça to be found here starting at as little as 2 Reals (85 US cents or 55 UK pence). When bringing any alcohol home it is also important to be aware of customs laws.

3. Photos. Make sure to bring home as many photos as you can! Rio is an amazing place full of spectacular sights that you will want to remember for ever so it’s super important to get as many pictures as possible. Be it an idyllic white sand beach or a snap you got with a famous BJJ/MMA star you got at the end of a training session.

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