3 Reasons to Enter a BJJ tournament in Rio

In this weeks blog I’m going to list my top 3 reasons to enter a BJJ tournament in Rio. The experience is a must for anybody heading here to train.

Jamie Hughes is from Wales, UK, and is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt under Pedro Bessa. Jamie is currently living and training in Rio De Janeiro for 3 months as part of the Connection Rio sponsored athlete programme. You can read his blog “Espanthalo BJJ” here.

1. The Experience

My first reason is that competing here in Brazil is going to be a way of gaining valuable experience, whether you are a competitor that competes once or year or 15 times a year its going to benefit your jiu jitsu, here in brazil there are competitions everywhere and they are filled with very tough and high level competitors so the tough matches you get here are going to be a valuable tool in preparing you for your endeavours in competition back home.

2. The Atmosphere

When I competed at the IBJJF Rio international open last week, the one thing that stood out for me was the amazing atmosphere that was provided by the hoards of spectators crammed into the Tijuca tennis club, it was more like an intense football game than a jiu jitsu tournament, from groups of supporters cheering on their team to a sea of intense coaches doing their best to help their students to victory its really does make make for a very special atmosphere, by far one of the most unique i have experienced and i’ve been to a lot of tournaments!

3.The Level of Competition

What really stands out for me here in brazil is the very high level of competition, just watching the blue belt and purple belt divisions its was very clear to me that it is far superior to anything I have personally seen in the UK or Europe, if your a competitor and really want to test yourself this should be your destination as there some ridiculously talented guys in all divisions here to test your skills against, for me as an avid competitor its like the ultimate playground haha.

My overall experience in my one competition here in Brazil thus far, really left a lasting impression on me and despite my result not being what I would of wanted (losing by 1 advantage) it has motivated me further to train harder to get to the level of the amazing competitors here, impersonally cant wait to get back in action here and compete some more and if you have any sense you will be hitting the competition mats when your here in Rio.


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