26 Mar 2012

BJJ Championships in Rio

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Competing at BJJ championships in Rio de Janeiro is an experience any travelling Jiu-jitsu player should seek to have when in the city. Competing in the motherland of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Rio de Janeiro is an experience that will leave participants with a new outlook on the sport having after tested the waters. This is exactly what a number of guests at the Connection Rio hostels do on a regular basis… when there is a championship in the city you can expect to see someone from Connection Rio on the mats.

In the linked video Connection Rio founder, Dennis Asche speaks from inside the Mineirinho Jiu-jitsu championship in Rio de Janeiro on the subject of competing in Rio. Congratulations to Abdallah Nabas or “Boss” of Jordan for tearing apart his division at the Circuito Mineirinho!

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  1. Hey Bro congrats you are the Champ like always :)


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